As is often the case, the idea for the smorgasbord range came from the simplest of sources.  Eating toast one day in a hotel restaurant, I remarked to myself that the design of the humble toast rack was just what I could do with at home on my kitchen bench as a way to confine the chaos caused by trying to charge the myriad of devices in my household. 

If I simply replaced slices of toast with smartphones, phablets & the rest - added a seriously powerful USB charging brick - I realised I could solve the charging chaos that had come to dominate my precious kitchen bench space.

And so the smorgasbord range was born.


Every product in the smorgasbord range features a 5 port USB charging unit, with 7.8A total power output and Intelligent Power Allocation technology so your devices get exactly the right level they need to fast charge. The unit also includes a power cable designed & certified for use in Australia.

iconsx3-01-web.jpg We've even included a set of handy snyggt ties - hook & loop ties - to make your cables even tidier.  

Setting up your smorgasbord unit is just so simple.  Unpack your box, assemble your unit, customise the set-up of your posts or stands, plug in your USB cables - tidying up the loose ends with your snyggt ties - switch on the power and experience the joy of an organised charging space.


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